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Greg Friedman has been a speaker and taught workshops all over the world, most recently returning from an international conference in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore India where he had the privilege of teaching alongside some of the most illustrious names in today’s spiritual movement. In addition to guiding people on journeys to work with indigenous elders, Greg hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, “Inner Journey with Greg Friedman”. His program has been number one on KX93.5fm for two years running and through the radio program Greg has had the opportunity to spend time with some of the great thought leaders of our time including people such as: Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Canfield, Caroline Myss, Dan Millman, James Redfield, Robert Moss, Bruce Lipton and many, many more. Whether Greg is working as a guide through the airwaves or a guide through the jungles, he helps people live empowered, authentic lives. Like Inner Journey with Greg Friedman on facebook. If you have questions please email greg at:

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Greg Welcomes Gosia Lorenz and Scott Ware of Radiance Magazine to Inner Journey with Greg Friedman

Radiance is a magazine that gives spiritual practitioners, holistic healers and intuitive coaches a forum to share their wisdom and illuminate the readers similarly to Inner Journey with the intent of opening people up to pathways and possibilities and Scott Ware is the myth, the man the legend, the editor in chief of Radiance.

Gosia Lorenz was born and raised in Poland and has lived in seven countries on three continents. Gosia helps eliminate energetic blocks, and explode their results. She assists them to create everything they desire trough releasing limitations, painful past, experiences and events and raising their vibrations. Read more

Inner Journey with Greg Friedman welcomes Shelley Young.  Shelley has worked as a hypnotherapist, teacher, writer, spiritual adviser, healer, trance channel/medium and internationally recognized channel of Archangel Gabriel for the past 12 years and tonight she is here predominantly to speak about twin flames and support what Greg has been saying for years: A twin flame relationship is not all lolly pops and sunshine, it’s hard work and an opportunity to look at the glaringly honest truth of who we are. In addition, we have Devon Poer and her Clairvoyant Astrological reading and an on air session between Greg and a caller. Read more

Greg welcomes Andrea A. Cruz to Inner Journey. Andrea Cruz is a psychotherapist who has created the Mind Body Heart Soul Retreats as a way to learn from others and to connect with truth and Ancient Wisdom as she loves to learn from others. Her philanthropic desire to serve the community, work with at risk youth brought her to become a therapist and has been serving the community in this fashion and others for many years. Come join us this weekend up in Big Bear where I will be teaching along side some wonderful and wise healers !!! Read more

Greg welcomes Nikhil Melnechuk to Inner Journey. Nikhil is an award-winning writer, director, actor, and poet in New York City, and an Executive Director of Bowery Poetry from 2013-2018, founded Bowery Poetry Studios, and now runs Mystic Entertainment. He is a producer and actor, known for  The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) and Fevah (2018) and his latest production, Don’t Be Nice (2018) a film that chronicles the evolution of authenticity illustrated through a slam poetry contest. Read more

Greg welcomes Laura Van Tyne to Inner Journey.  Laura is a former public school teacher who was thrown into the deep end of the paranormal pool when one of her daughters starting seeing ghosts and once the word got out, her house was inundated with hundreds of spirits.  Laura searched high and low for some kind of guidance and along the way, she met Tina Erwin who she eventually formed a partnership with.  And together they co-hosted The Karmic Path Show and just began a new show, Ghost Helpers, because, at least according to Tina and Laura, the Paranormal is More Normal Than You Think! Read more

Inner Journey with Greg Friedman welcomes, Ed Steinfeld. For those of you who haven’t heard him, Ed hosts “Mornings with Ed” and is our morning drive time jock. He highlights the coolest new artists, features live in studio performances and plays audience inclusive games every weekday morning. All the while keeping Laguna Beach informed on the latest coming and goings. And just to top it off Ed is a fantastic stand up comedian.  If you think you know Ed because you hear him here on KX93.5, you ain’t see nothing yet, I urge to check out his stand up and see an entirely different version of Ed

Terrell Washington Anansi joins Greg on Inner Journey.  Terrell is a friend, a performer, an author, a teacher, and an artist.  For Terrell art flows through him and his calling, no matter which way it presents itself for Terrell Art is Life and Life is Art.  The two are indistinguishable.  It is his contribution to healing himself and the world.  Terrell is a living breathing embodiment of ART!!!  He is just beginning a GoFund Me, to support his art being displayed in San Francisco at the Museum of Modern Art!!!! Read more

This evening on Inner Journey with Greg Friedman we welcome a very special guest, Sridhar. Sridhar has traveled the world studying and teaching yoga and meditation, was a NYC real estate tycoon, opened one of the first natural health food stores in L.A., started a hugely successful organic cosmetics company (and was directly responsible for bringing tea tree oil to America), plus hosted some of the most influential spiritual leaders on the planet at his Topanga Canyon retreat center, and also is the found of amazing events Shakti and Bhakti fests. Check out the podcast to learn how to win 2 passes to Bhakti Fest at !!! Read more