In celebration of Black History Month, Ed honored several Black inventors, whose inventions have changed the world in health, technology and culture. Click the audio links below to learn more:

Charles Drew

In this segment, Ed discusses the life and legacy of Charles Drew. Charles Drew was the physician, medical researcher, and surgeon who studied blood transfusions and organized the first large-scale blood-bank, among other contributions. His impact on health and science has changed the world and saved millions of lives.

Marie Van Brittan Brown & Otis Boykin


Here, we learn about Black inventors Marie Van Brittan Brown, a nurse who created the first home security system, and Otis Boykin, who most notably made the circuit improvement in pacemakers.

Lewis Latimer

This segment honors Lewis Latimer. He was an inventor whose many life-changing inventions include the carbon filament, the earliest air-conditioning unit, and more.