Kansas-Based Singer-Songwriter Jordana is KX FM’s Artist of the Month!

We asked the up-and-coming indie artist to share with us a recipe she loves to make, and she described a step-by-step process on how she likes to prepare avocado toast, a classic millennial treat.




Cook time 30 mins.

Classic Avocado Toast

U Will Need:

– 4 pieces of bread

– butter

– 1 Lemon

– Parsley

– half an onion

– 5 avocados

– salt

– garlic powder

– lemon pepper seasoning

– sesame seeds

1. First, prepare the toast by putting butter on one side of each piece and putting them on the pan on Medium heat.

2. While those are on the heat, prep your fruits and veggies on a cutting board. Chop up the onion and parsley and cut your lemon into slices.

3. In a separate bowl, peel and crush your avocados into chunky guacamole texture, then you can add your chopped onions (or if it is used as just a topping that is fine too!!).

4. Season your avocados to taste however you enjoy it with your garlic powder, salt and lemon pepper.

5. Check on that bread!! Make sure it’s not burnt! Nah jk flip it over when it’s golden browned and then turn off that heat and let it sit and think about what it’s done…

6. Stir up that avocado, get that bread to a plate, and start scooping the avocado and spreading it all around that toast. Leave the buttered side to the bottom.

7. Top it with your parsley, sesame seeds, add some more onion if you’re feeling frisky, season to taste, garnish your plate with those lemon slices and wallah!!

8. You can use the lemon slices too btw it’s not just for decoration. So squeeze those bad boys on and enjoy a great brunch bursting with flavor. Get some water too. You will need to drink some! 🙂

You can also check out her personally curated Spotify playlist to go along with this delicious meal here: