UK based rock band LIFE is making a name for themselves in the ever expanding DIY scene. Their guitar-driven sound makes them stand out among the crowd, and the message behind the music makes the fans stick around. After the success of their first album, Popular Music, LIFE questioned where they wanted to take their music, and decided on a personal, more emotional direction. This gave them A Picture of Good Health. There are several stand-out songs on this album, including “Half Pint Fatherhood”, a twangy, melodic song with a modern twist that discusses the hardships of being a single parent. The guitar chords are catchy and bold, but the powerful, emotional lyrics are what makes this song resonate with it’s listeners. This song showcases the growing maturity and seriousness of LIFE, and gives us an insight into what we might see from them in the future. Make sure to check out “Half Pint Fatherhood” off of their latest album, A Picture of Good Health, and look for them on their upcoming European tour.