Covid-19 has forced us all to make some big changes, but no concerts or performances mean that musicians may be out of work for the foreseeable future. KX FM is supported by local listeners and bands alike, so we here at KX FM decided to hold #LiveFromHome, a fundraiser for our local musicians, and live performances for the Laguna Beach community. 


“People are talking plenty about restaurants, retail, and other businesses that are

suffering due to the pandemic,” said station founder Tyler Russell McCusker. “But

not enough folks are talking about musicians who are suffering, and many of

them are the lifeblood of our artistic culture. This fundraiser is least we could do

to utilize our reach to support them.”


The fundraiser took place on Facebook Live, and 100% of the proceeds earned from the fundraiser were split evenly by the artists who took part in the livestream. #LiveFromHome kicked off April 23rd, and featured many of the incredible musicians and bands that are a part of the KX family. In total, 12 musicians joined us on Facebook Live, streaming and playing their best songs from their homes. The following musicians and bands participated in the livestream:


Paul Mars Black 


The Brevet

The Great North Special

Trapdoor Social 

Belle & The Dragon

Rhett Repko

Joey Sykes

Love Ghost

The Jacks

Beth & Steve Wood

Zach Churchill 


The performances and fundraiser kicked off at noon, with a new artist premiering every hour. Just some of the songs featured were “Feel it Still” from Zach Churchill, Joey Sykes’s “Let’s Get Through This”, and Beth and Steve Wood’s “You Gotta Move”. In total, $3,495 was raised for our out-of-work musicians, which we hope will provide some extra help during these times. KX FM plans to do another round of #LiveFromHome to support as many local out-of-work musicians as possible.