Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin talks about her experience attending a private Catholic school in her new single “Lydia Wears A Cross.” This is her lead single from her third album, Pre Pleasure, and is about Jacklin’s own experience with the Lord. The song takes a rather loving approach, as Julia sings about how she can go back with her newly found wisdom and reflect on her younger years, rather than looking back and putting herself down from things she endured in school. 

In a Rolling Stone interview Julia explains “The song is about a lot of things, but mainly being a 7-year-old Jesus Christ Superstar fanatic attending Catholic school, trying to figure out which way is up.” 

The song starts off with the grumbling of the guitar and roaring of the drums. Shortly after,  Julia’s magical voice fades in. Julia truly is a talented singer – her voice throughout the song is crisp and clear. As for the lyrics, the song is not lyrically complicated. You can really hear the passion of the story through her voice. This is a calming song to listen to whenever you want to dive into your own past. 

Pre Pleasure, comes out on August 26th via Polyvinyl Records. Julia starts her tour the day of her album release through October. You can listen to her new single here on 104.7 KX FM.

Review written by: Sana Rashidi