“Seville” is the latest single from lo-fi Australian duo, S U R F I N G, one of the vaporware genre’s most promising musical groups. Blending dreamy melodies and hypnotic textures, their sound is nostalgia embodied. Founded in 2011 by Penny Van Hazelberg (vocals/synths) and Leroy Honeycomb (guitar/bass/synths), S U R F I N G has slowly but surely grown a dedicated group of listeners, most of which discovered the band online. Yet S U R F I N G transports the listener to a place far beyond the Internet. The effect is magnetic, heard nowhere better than in “Seville,” a song which makes five minutes seem like forever, and forever seem like a second. It also marks the beginning of S U R F I N G’s new sample-free sound which includes original compositions. It’s a perfect dreamscape that never gets old.

Listen here.