Tom Green is a man of many hats: actor, comedian, talk show host, rapper, writer, director, producer and most recently, brewer. The morning of his stand-up show at the Irvine Improv on January 22nd, the funnyman called in to the KX FM 104.7 studio for a chat with morning show host Tyler Russell about Orange County, past and current projects, and his personal craft beer.

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For more than twenty years, Green has entertained audiences on the screen and beyond with his quick wit and edgy humor. In 1994, before the days of reality TV, his public access-broadcasted “The Tom Green Show” featured home-video-style footage of unscripted conversations with passerby’s and provocative pranks, sometimes amusingly carried out at his parents’ expensemovie poster freddy got fingered  |KX FM 104.7 fm.Green’s acting career was launched into high gear in 1999 after MTV picked up his show, appearing in blockbusters Charlie’s Angels and Road Trip in 2000. He may be best known, however, for the 2001 box-office flop Freddy Got Fingered, which has become a cult hit in the years since its initially failed release. As he himself tells Tyler in the interview, “When I did Freddy Got Fingered, it was sort of this critically reviled piece of cinema and it didn’t get the best reviews. And now here we are 10-15 years later, and people know every line of the movie and it’s got this cult following, so that’s a lot of fun…” When they spot Green, these fans sometimes stop to serenade him in the street with their renditions of “Daddy Would You Like Some Sausage?”.


As of October 2013, Green hosts “Tom Green Live” on Mark Cuban-owned network AXS TV. A decade ago, Green started this talk show from a makeshift studio in his living room and broadcast it on his website, which he refers to as “The Channel”. In the hour-long talk show, Green converses with celebrities like Steve Carell, Weird Al Yankovic and Dan Rather and is broadcast live every Thursday from Burbank. His first stand-up special, also titled “Tom Green Live”, premiered in 2012 on Showtime and Netflix, and he has another in the works.

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While global audiences are familiar with The Tom Green Show, fewer know of The Tom Green Beer. As his accent suggests, Green hails from Canada, the northerly land of maple leaves and strong beer. In 2013, Green collaborated with Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, a small craft brewery in his hometown of Ottawa, to bring the world a milk stout with his face on the bottle. Featuring organic hops and a creamy texture with notes of chocolate and coffee, this is definitely not your average ale. Though only available in Canada and select US markets at the moment, Green told Tyler they have plans to bring it to SoCal sometime in the next year; if the reviews are anything to go on, it’ll be worth hunting down when it does! Beau’s flagship brew is Lug Tread, a Kölsch-style lagered ale that has won the Gold in the Canadian Brewing Awards four of the last five years. Near the beginning of their conversation, Green tells Tyler what he loves about Orange County–the beaches, the people, skateboarding culture and the “California lifestyle” in general. Around these parts, Green says he frequents Los Angeles favorite Golden Road Brewing and Escondido’s Stone Brewing.

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