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Happy Valentine’s night ladies and gentlemen. Opening up tonight’s broadcast with “Silly Thought” by Ambrela hailing from Samara, Russia leading to a full 70 minute live DJ set from Ambrela arranged exclusively for MelodicTronic FM. We thank you from our soul Ambrela!

After discovering Ambrela’s album “Bird’s-Eye” last year, we have been loving his emotionally triggering melodic techno mixes and original music. Ambrela’s music includes Techno, Jungle, Liquid and Drum n Bass styles all compacted into brilliant arrangements of new electronic sounds.

He has released originals and remixes on Beatport including the latest from January “The Little Future”. We highly recommend listening to Bird’s-Eye as it will touch your heart and soul.

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Ambrela Welcome to Electronica! on MelodicTronic FM

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Track ID List:

Ambrela Welcome to Electronica! on MelodicTronic FM

  1. Ambrela – Silly Thought (Original Mix)02. Aiden – Handcachief (Original Mix)
  2. Magic Panda – Days Are Numbered (Original Mix)
  3. Rob Clouth – Cloud Complex (Original Mix)
  4. Lanny May – The Youth Galaxy (Original Mix)
  5. Mattheis – Rohy5 (Original Mix)
  6. Roel Hoogendoorn – Next to the neon light (Original Mix)
  7. Worakls – Souvenir (N’to Remix)
  8. Timo Chinala – The Sound of You Walking Away (Groj Afterlife Remix)
  9. Margot – Magico Disco (Original Mix)
  10. Magic Panda – Tokyo (Groj Remix)
  11. Magic Panda – Tokyo (Original Mix)