Brooklyn-Based Psych Pop Band Psymon Spine is KX FM’s Artist of the Week!

We asked the experimental pop outfit to send us a recipe they love to make and they sent us instructions on how to make Buddy’s Merry Grilled Cheese. 

Psymon Spine believes in family values, so we only make our food in bulk.











4 Cups v8 (or another tomato juice if you don’t like flavor)
2 tbsp horseradish
2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 lemon
An ungodly amount of tabasco
Salt and pepper to taste
Whatever other seasoning is burning a hole in your cupboard











Recipe for Bloody Mary Mix

  1. Refrigerate your bloody Mary mix, this is a summerish drink after all.

  2. Get a glass, fill it with ice, dump in a bunch of vodka (or a shot), dump in some bloody Mary mixture (or a cup).

  3. Taste before any ice has melted, reconsider your life choices, probably add more lemon and Tabasco.

  4. Garnish with celery, pickles, a lemon wedge or whatever else you fancy.

  5. You can even add shrimp etc. since a bloody Mary is essentially alcoholic cocktail sauce.

  6. Drink the first glass while cooking the grilled cheese.


Recipe for the Grilled Cheese

  1. Start by caramelizing some onions.  You can also cook bacon if you’re feeling fancy.

  2. Heat up the pan to medium/medium-low heat and add butter.

  3. Throw both pieces of bread in the pan and swish them around in the butter.

  4. When the bottom gets a bit crispy, put butter on top of both pieces of bread and flip.

  5. Swish bread around the pan again to coat the bottom of the pan with butter.

  6. Add cheese to both pieces of bread, then add onions and/or bacon.

  7. Top off with a little salt and pepper.  Cover the pan to steam the cheese.

  8. When cheese is melted and before the bottom burns, smoosh the two pieces of bread together and cook a little longer on both sides.

  9. Now enjoy alongside your second glass of bloody Mary!