LA-based indie rock band Vida Moxy is KX FM’s Artist of the Week!

We asked the alt-pop four piece to share a dish they love to make and they sent us a recipe for the Texas Toast Garlic Bread BBQ Bacon Burger. 


Chopped Parsley


Minced Garlic

Thick Cut White Bread

Burger Patties



BBQ Sauce

Onion Crisp

Step One: Making the Garlic Butter

  • Mix a half stick of butter into a small bowl (the amount may vary depending on how many you’re serving).

  • Throw in the chopped parsley and minced garlic.

  • Add a little bit of oil.

Step Two: Toasting the Bread (if you’re using multiple burners or a wider griddle this can be done at the same time as cooking the meat)

  • Apply the garlic butter to the bread and put it on the grill.

  • Wait till the bread gets golden brown and then flip!

(Optional: apply the garlic butter to both sides) 

Step Three: Cooking the Meats

  • Cook the bacon (preference on crispness is up to you). I cooked the bacon first solely to use the bacon grease with the burger.

  • Cook the patty for 3 minutes on each side on a medium to high heat. Apply salt and pepper or any form of seasoning of your choice on each side.

  • Pour some Worcester sauce for more flavor!

  • Add cheese

Optional: put a fried egg!

Step 4: Assemble the burger! Add the BBQ sauce and the onion crisps and enjoy!

Check out an exclusive acoustic performance from the band here: