“Toothpaste for breakfast/And I’ll check to see we’re all alive.” The first lines off “Blue Tick,” the latest single from Melbourne-based duo Good Morning. The track is the fourth single from their upcoming album, The Option, set for release on April 5. Though Stefan Blair and Liam Parson have been releasing music as Good Morning since 2014, “Blue Tick” is not too far off from the sound crafted on their popularly received EP, Shawcross. At the same time, the track shows just how far their sound has evolved through continued experimentation and a developed sense of craft. It’s heard in the subtle details, the memorable melodies and lyrics. All the while, Good Morning makes it looks easy; their songs feel natural and unhurried. It’s a rare magic that Good Morning has seemed to capture, one that expresses itself in lines like “I’ve been swiping left and right all day and I still don’t feel any good.” While that may be the case, there’s a sense of optimism in the delivery, like things will get good eventually, whenever that may be.

Listen here.