“The Nameless Ghoul” of Swedish Band Ghost Speaks with KX FM 104.7 FM Radio Host Brett Ecklund

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Brett Ecklund of Jazz Quest Radio had the chance to sit down with one of the Nameless Ghouls, from the band Ghost, the day of their performance at The Observatory in Santa Ana back in May as part of their Tour Year Zero 2014.

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Ghost, The Observatory, Tour Year Zero 2014 | KX FM 104.7 FM

Their conversation ranged from the differences between Ghost’s first and second album, to the inspiration for the band’s style and philosophy.

Ghost, formed in Sweden in 2008, is a heavy metal band known not only for their music, intense videos, fan support, but also for their live performances, where five of the six members (the Nameless Ghouls) wear hooded robes, and the singer, Papa Emeritus, wears skull makeupPapa Emeritus, Nameless Ghouls | KX FM 104.7 FM.

The Ghoul that Brett chatted with actually mentioned that even though “no one gets it,” Papa Emeritus’ name is a sardonic pun within itself, due to the idea that Popes don’t retire until they die, yet Emeritus is a title an esteemed person receives after they retire.

Papa Emeritus surrounded by the Nameless Ghouls | KX FM 104.7 FM

As to their performance, and their whole style as a band, they choose to see their work as a “living work,” able to grow and change organically, while still being held together by an overarching dedication to the music.Brett Ecklund, Nameless Ghost, Observatory OC | KX FM 104.7 FM

Watch the video above to see the rest of Brett’s interview, hear about how Ghost worked with Dave Grohl, their take on Satanism, and more!


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