By Liz Wood
Animal Heart Album Art

Nina Persson is a Swedish singer, well known for her work as the lead singer of the hugely successful band The Cardigans. However, though the Cardigans are not on hiatus and are indeed still playing shows occasionally, Nina also released her first solo album, “Animal Heart,” in 2014. Nina stopped by our studio back in October to talk with Brian Holst, KX Music Director and weekday afternoon host, before playing at Laguna Beach’s Mozambique restaurant.

In Brian’s interview above, Nina mentions facts about her album, such as that she felt comfortable using her own New York house as the backdrop to the the title track’s video, as well as opens up about her artistic decision to go solo, and how that relates to being a mother of a four-year-old.

Perhaps the most important thing conveyed by Nina is that in all her art, whether it be solo projects or with The Cardigans, she will continue to play music as for as long as she continues to find it fun to do!

Check out the video for the track “Animal Heart” below, and follow Nina Persson on her Twitter!

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