Ever wonder what it would feel like to get into a time machine and travel to the 1960’s? Technically, you can’t travel faster than the speed of light, however, you can get very close. 

Indie singer/songwriter Julia Logan’s golden voice makes you feel like you have time traveled to the era of groovy music and tie dye. Although originally from Sweden, her song Everly Foreverly,” has a West Coast vibe to it, where the sound is floral and makes it feel as if you are swimming in honey. The lyrics have a personal meaning – in an interview with Clash Magazine, Julia shared, “’Everly Foreverly’ is about family and the ties that connect us, even when one of us feels there is darkness and no clear path, in the end the unity of family keeps on going.”

When Julia found old videos of her grandparents in the 50’s and 60’s, she wanted to create a song mixing old California and East Coast sounds to pay tribute to her grandparents’ wild and free life. Everly Foreverly shows optimism about the future and feels like a warm hug from your loved ones. Her soothing voice and the upbeat track give a hint of nostalgia, as if being surrounded by a warm summer breeze.

You can listen to “Everly Foreverly” on 104.7 KX FM. Next time you want to time travel, remember to turn up Julia Logan.


Review written by Sana Rashidi