“Inspired & The Sleep is kind of just polarity and opposites. You have the inspired portion which might be energy and might be happiness, but it could also be anxiety. Then you have this sleep portion that could be like very calm, subdued, and relaxed, but it could also be depression or something like that,” said the indie psychedelic pop band in a recent interview on KX FM 104.7 FM’s “Daily Scramble Live.”

In the interview, the band goes into detail about the music video for their song “Die Slow,” and the inspiration behind that song and new single, “In My Labyrinth Mind”. Lead singer Max admits that these tracks are somewhat dark but serve as a form of therapy.

Catch Inspired & The Sleep at the Silverlake Lounge on Feb. 24 and click here to hear the full podcast of their live session. Check out their live songs below from our SoundCloud page!