Last week, Ryan Hunter and his LA-based group 1st VOWS stopped by the KX studio, where they performed fantastic, stripped-down versions of songs from the recently-released The Red EP and chatted with Afternoon Show host Brian Holst.

Ryan Hunter 1st VOWS singer

A native of Long Island, NY, and former frontman of post-hardcore band Envy On the Coast, multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Ryan Hunter is well on his way to growing another popular musical group. In the eleven years since EOTC’s formation, Hunter has changed more than just his hairstyle. Now based in Los Angeles, his latest in a string of projects is 1st VOWS. With a drastically different flavor from the head-bashing, emo-style rock of his past, 1st VOWS features sultry, R&B-style production and soft harmonies, appealing to a wide demographic of listeners. After giving a listen to their first release, The Red EP, you’ll be left wanting more.

Hear the live in-studio performances of the songs below via our Soundcloud page or listen to the full audio from the performance & interview here

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