Pink Floyd is widely considered one of the greatest bands of all-time and as of today, the English quartet has officially broken up. After their original run from 1965–1994, the band reunited in 2012 to record their 14th studio album, The Endless River, last year. Though the album received mixed reviews, the hype was enough to make it the most pre-ordered album of all time on Amazon UK, debuting at #1 in several countries. The vinyl edition was the fastest-selling UK vinyl release of 2014 and the fastest-selling since 1997.

The river has indeed come to an end, though, as singer and guitarist David Gilmour said it would be improper to reform the band without keyboardist Richard Wright, who passed away in 2008: “To do it without Rick would just be wrong,” he said.

Gilmour and Roger Waters will continue their solo touring/recording.

Gilmour’s new album, Rattle That Lock, will be available September 18th.


The band will endure on our airwaves.