Welcome To The Real World comes to us from Triton Eye, a seven-piece outlet from San Diego. The group formed back in 2014 and have been slowly making a name for themselves in the San Diego college music scene. After making their mark at venues like Whisky-A-Go-Go among others, the group is now releasing their debut EP, a six-song package available on their BandCamp page combining genres as diverse as pop, ska, hip-hop, and even country and classical pop.

So what do we get on this project? Does Welcome To The Real World establish this group as one to watch or not? Well, the answer is both. Triton Eye, based solely on this project, have established themselves as a band that can go in a variety of fascinating directions going forward, even if this project in particular isn’t particularly impressing. It’s a jarring mixture of genres and styles with hit-and-miss lyrical content, but held together by a group of fun and diverse musicians with a palpable ambition.

Welcome To The Real World definitely feels like a debut project, full of inconsistencies and scattershot from a band still trying to find their grip. Yet, at the same time, it still feels like the content comes from a legitimately earnest place and from a group that I had fun being introduced to. For what this record delivers, the one thing it doesn’t do is make me tired of this group. With tighter lyrics and a more defined style, Triton Eye could become something legitimately special. As for this project on its own, I think it’s worth a listen, even if it doesn’t all evenly come together.

Listen here.