“A Bigger Picture” is the latest single from San Francisco-based Sonny & the Sunsets. The breezy, laid-back tune is the first taste of the upcoming album, Hairdressers From Heaven, the successor to 2016’s Moods Baby Moods. The new album is to be the first release from Rocks In Your Heard Records, which singer/songwriter Sonny Smith started himself and is in the process of fundraising for. Until then, Smith has given us  “A Bigger Picture” to rock to in anticipation of the new record. Charming and sweet, the track is classic Sonny & the Sunsets, never taking itself too seriously and finding meaning in daily trivialities. “I painted a painting of you and me/Hot dog buns and ding dongs on the beach/Let’s be free.” With a new label and a new album, we can’t wait to see/hear what creativity Smith’s newfound freedom brings about.

Listen here.