Music is Our Soul(M.O.S.)

Ambrela KX FM 104.7 FMM.O.S. could mean many things for people. When it comes to melodic techno from amazingly talented Russian recording artist Ambrela, you will absolutely feel his heart and soul into every arrangement of the timbres.

We don’t know much about Ambrela. But what we do know is that searching through stacks of vinyl records have changed to utilizing a keyboard and an interface such as Soundcloud to discover breathtaking music from anywhere and everywhere. This is how we discovered Ambrela after another night of MelodicTronic  Radio earlier that night…morning? Whatever, it means that the culture of music will survive and thrive.

“Music is our soul” – Ambrela

Ambrela on MelodicTronic KX93.5 FM | February 14th, 2015

We were thrilled hearing that Ambrela would be recording a live set for MelodicTronic FM. We will be featuring Ambrela’s exclusive mix Saturday from 10-11pm(PST).

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