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Covid-19 has forced us all to make some big changes, but no concerts or performances mean that musicians may be out of work for the foreseeable future. KX FM is supported by local listeners and bands alike, so we here at KX FM decided to hold #LiveFromHome, a fundraiser for our local musicians, and live performances for the Laguna Beach community. 


“People are talking plenty about restaurants, retail, and other businesses that are

suffering due to the pandemic,” said station founder Tyler Russell McCusker. “But

not enough folks are talking about musicians who are suffering, and many of

them are the lifeblood of our artistic culture. This fundraiser is least we could do

to utilize our reach to support them.”


The fundraiser took place on Facebook Live, and 100% of the proceeds earned from the fundraiser were split evenly by the artists who took part in the livestream. #LiveFromHome kicked off April 23rd, and featured many of the incredible musicians and bands that are a part of the KX family. In total, 12 musicians joined us on Facebook Live, streaming and playing their best songs from their homes. The following musicians and bands participated in the livestream:


Paul Mars Black 


The Brevet

The Great North Special

Trapdoor Social 

Belle & The Dragon

Rhett Repko

Joey Sykes

Love Ghost

The Jacks

Beth & Steve Wood

Zach Churchill 


The performances and fundraiser kicked off at noon, with a new artist premiering every hour. Just some of the songs featured were “Feel it Still” from Zach Churchill, Joey Sykes’s “Let’s Get Through This”, and Beth and Steve Wood’s “You Gotta Move”. In total, $3,495 was raised for our out-of-work musicians, which we hope will provide some extra help during these times. KX FM plans to do another round of #LiveFromHome to support as many local out-of-work musicians as possible. 


Liverpool natives Circa Waves just released their latest single “Jaqueline” paired with a music video, off of their upcoming album “Sad Happy. Sad Happy”. This upbeat pop-rock song makes you want to get out of your seat and dance, which is exactly what they do in the music video. A small party turns into over a dozen people in a conga line, which marches along perfectly to the beat of the drums. This playful song can be heard on their upcoming album, half of which, the “Happy” side will be released January 20th, 2020, while both sides will be released by March 20th, 2020.

It’s been five years since #1 Dads, Tom Lansek’s side project, released About Face. This Melbourne rock-pop group is picking up where they left off with “Another Day’, Lansek’s latest single. The catchy song is accompanied by a self-produced music video featuring Lansek singing along to his newest release. His soft voice flows melodically with the melancholic yet sweet music that you can’t help but enjoy. Lansek describes “Another Day” as “A little ray of sunshine in a dark place”.  #1 Dads will be playing upcoming shows in Melbourne, along with a few Australian festivals this December. 

Canadian natives Paper Lions dropped their latest single, “Fireworks” from their upcoming album, Stay Together, released on October 18th. This is the latest project from the quartet who go back to 2004. Their indie pop-punk sound ropes you in with catchy hooks and strong vocals. 

“Fireworks’ tries to capture the thrill of a new relationship……t the start of a romance, there’s often a night where things just click, and your feelings explode. While those feelings sometimes quickly fade, you always remember the mystery, melancholia and excitement, “ the band explains. 

You can stream “Fireworks” and the rest of Stay Together on all major streaming platforms and look out for their music on KX93.5

Brooklyn natives Public-Practice just released their latest single, “Extraordinary”, following their 2018 debut release, Distance Is A Mirror. “Extraordinary” is the B-side to the song “Disposable”, the former being a cover Yukihiro Takahashi’s 1981 original. Both the original and the cover cross the lines between punk and funk, and Public-Practice adds their own post-punk spin on it. The rhythm stays on beat the whole time, while the deadpan vocals drone over the upbeat tempo. The band stays faithful to the original, while adding a playful synth-driven sound. Public-Practice delivers a unique sound that demands to be heard, and you can see them live on their upcoming U.K. tour starting in November and listen to their latest singles “Extraordinary” and “Disposable” out October 10th.

Nashville-born singer Liza Anne just dropped her latest single, Devotion, following her 2018 album Fine But Dying. Devotion is strong power anthem, as Anne claims “This song is a fight for myself”. The song starts out slower, but quickly builds and explodes with glam rock guitar sounds and attention grabbing synth. Liza Anne pours her heart out over the loud, in-your-face sound backing her strong vocals. Liza Anne is hard to ignore and impossible to forget, and is making a name for herself on her upcoming US nation-wide tour kicking off at the end of October.

Son Little has been making a name for himself in the R&B and indie scene since the 2015 debut of his self titled album. After working with groups such as The Roots and Mavis Staples, Little focused his energy into his solo project and upcoming album, invisible. Although not due for release until October 11th, Little released the catchy single “hey rose” to give us a little taste of what to expect on his forthcoming release. The song starts out by going right into the hook, a fast beat that builds as the song goes on. Little’s soulful voice croons over the ever changing guitar parts that flow back and forth between modern and classic sounds. His back-up singers compliment Little’s smooth voice. After just one listen, it’s easy to tell that Little has produced a lot of music, as sound mixing doesn’t get much better than it is here. You can stream “hey rose” now and look out for Son Little’s newest album, invisible, out on October 11th.

UK based rock band LIFE is making a name for themselves in the ever expanding DIY scene. Their guitar-driven sound makes them stand out among the crowd, and the message behind the music makes the fans stick around. After the success of their first album, Popular Music, LIFE questioned where they wanted to take their music, and decided on a personal, more emotional direction. This gave them A Picture of Good Health. There are several stand-out songs on this album, including “Half Pint Fatherhood”, a twangy, melodic song with a modern twist that discusses the hardships of being a single parent. The guitar chords are catchy and bold, but the powerful, emotional lyrics are what makes this song resonate with it’s listeners. This song showcases the growing maturity and seriousness of LIFE, and gives us an insight into what we might see from them in the future. Make sure to check out “Half Pint Fatherhood” off of their latest album, A Picture of Good Health, and look for them on their upcoming European tour.