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King of Herrings Indie Film Chit Chat

Morning host Tyler Russell of KX FM 104.7 FM recently spoke with Eddie Jemison and John Mese about their new indie film, King of Herrings. The film is set in New Orleans, which is the hometown of the cast, all of whom are seasoned actors and professionals in the movie business. As Eddie and John say in the interview, this movie gave them a chance not only to create a movie meaningful to them (shot in black and white in order to emphasize the personas of each character), but that allowed them to play against typecasting.

Listen to the interview below to hear more about King of Herrings, an award winning film called both an “emotional powerhouse” as well as a “mix between Tom Waits and Woody Allen.”

Check out the trailer below!

The film is available on iTunes and On Demand on Cox until the end of February!