Brandon Phillips of the Soul Surfing School, a local grassroots business that has been providing surfing lessons, equipment, and so much more to Laguna Beach for the past 12 years, stopped by KX FM 104.7 FM to talk with Tyler Russell. The two discussed competitions that the Soul Surfing School is hosting, as well as their community involvement! Listen to the interview below with Brandon Phillips and Tyler Russell of KX FM 104.7 FM, Laguna Beach’s only FM Radio to hear more!

Soul Surfing Competition, February 28th, 2015

KX FM 104.7 FM Generatinal Alternative RockIf you’re interested in signing up for the next surfing competition, or want to find out more information about when and where it is, be sure to check out Soul Surfing School’s website, which can be found at! The next competition is on February 28, at T-Street beach!