“I felt the love and the energy is so indescribable in human terms, there is nothing greater on the earth than to bring through that love again” said the medium/spiritual healer about his work as a medium in a recent interview on KX FM 104.7 FM’s “Daily Scramble Live.”

In the interview, James Van Praagh goes into detail about his work, first experiences as a medium and healer, and what going to one of his events entails. He talks about how one can further experience his work through his online school and the cruise he is going to be hosting to Tahiti. During this cruise one can immerse themselves in his practices and specialties more fully.

Later that day James Van Praagh had an event entitled “Beyond the Veil” in Redondo Beach. Catch James Van Praagh at the Center For Spiritual Healing in Palm Desert on December 4th, and, listen to the full interview here.