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Yesterday, before his show at The Satellite in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle joined Morning Show host Tyler Russell in the KX FM 104.7 studio to perform a couple tracks from, and discuss, his new album “The Native Genius of Desert Plants.”

Thus far, folksy-pop singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle’s 29-year-young life has been a musical, spiritual, and physical journey. Originally from the Georgia/Alabama border town of Carrollton, he also lived in Paris, Los Angeles, and (most recently) New York, to name a few. He released his brilliant sophomore album, The Native Genius of Desert Plantslast week and as he explained to Tyler, the quirky title praises the fact that plants in the desert can survive for a long time despite their infertile environment. “I had this moment of realization: nature takes care of itself. We are on this course and it’s not an accident, everything flows in its correct time. So that’s the native genius of desert plants–and if they can survive, then I can survive.”

Tyler told Tyler the new album’s lead single, “Winter Is For Kierkegaard”, is the only song on the record that he didn’t write in Southern California: “I lived in Paris for a while after I graduated college. Kierkegaard was a Danish, existentialist philosopher dude…I survived in Paris on cheap Scotch and reading existentialism on Wikipedia… I don’t know what the song’s about, it just reminded me of good times of being 23 and totally broke and totally free in the best sort of way.”

Listen to Tyler’s live in-studio performance of two songs from the new album, “Winter Is For Kierkegaard” & “Somebody’s Someone” via our SoundCloud below.

For the full audio from the interview & performance, listen to the podcast below. Check out for other interviews, live in-studio performances & more!

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