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Hello and welcome yet again to another MelodicTronic FM Radio broadcast from our Laguna Beach Radio station, KX FM 104.7 FM. Our show tonight will be purely acid house arranged and mixed by our resident DJ Lou Acosta. For those who are new to Acid House music, Acid House is a sub genre of House music originating in the mid 80’s from Djs in Chicago, Il and reaching to the UK and Europe. The Roland TB-303 synthesizer is the machine most known for creating the “acid” style bass lines. This is done by modulating the frequencies and resonance controls to create…well what you hear.

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Including artists John Digweed, Supernova, Peter Heller, Paul Nazca, Spektre, Joey Beltram, Carl Cox, Audio Soul Project, Phil Kieran and many more!

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Lou Acosta on MelodicTronic FM

Lou Acosta MelodicTronic FM KX FM 104.7 FM

Track ID List: Lou Acosta on MelodicTronic FM

1.Drop Bear (Tin Man Lovers Acid Remix) by Pedestrian
2.X Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix) by Thodoris Triantafillou, Cj Jeff, Thomas Gandey
3.Oqut (Original Mix) by Sam Waller
4.3B3 (Robacid Vs Babicz Mix) by Nick Muir, John Digweed, John Twelve Hawks
5.The Beat (Beatappella) by DJ Pierre, Supernova
6.Nu Acid – Robert Babicz Smiling Remix by Pete Heller
7.Acidcome – Original Mix by Robert Babicz
8.Chord Kaoss (Original Mix) by Mark Fanciulli
9.DAINTO (Original Mix) by Paul Nazca
10.Skuz (Original Club Mix) by Spektre
11.Energy Flash (Original Mix) by Joey Beltram
12.Barrow Boy Acid by Ben Sims
13.We Are Phuture (Carl Cox & Steve Ward Mix) by DJ Pierre, Carl Cox, Steve Ward and Phuture – We Are Phuture (Carl Cox & Steve Ward Mix)
14.Come Together (Supernova 2013 Remix) by DJ Pierre, Felicia
15.Reality Check – Vincenzo Remix by Audio Soul Project
16.Starchild (Original Mix) by Sasha Carassi
17.Turn Of Your Phone Trev (Original Mix) by Wax Hands
18.Splash (Original Mix) by Benjamin Damage
19.Wasps Under A Toy Boat – Original Mix by Phil Kieran