For a band that doesn’t leave their garage much, post-punk/synth-pop band, Distractor, is ready to leave the city behind for a simple life on the farm. Hailing from Costa Mesa, the band’s new single, “Moving to the Farm,” is a rejection of modern life and a wish to get away from it all. It’s a desire that the band transforms into an anthem fitting for 2018: “Just repeat this: Fuck this shit, I’m quitting my job and I’m moving to the farm.” Yet, as Distractor finds out in their imagined future, life on the farm isn’t so easy. From issues with cows and the wife, farm life is no walk in the park, but it’s better than the toxicity of life in the city. “Can’t stand the city. Don’t like the lights. Too many people. It’s not that nice.” Though the song is more desire than reality, the idea of serene farm life, of being far away, transcends time and place — something the band known for their songs about exploring the depths of outer space is used to.

Listen here.