Do you know what paradise taste like? Las Brisas Restaurant does.

On Tuesday, June 26 2018, Las Brisas held a new patio menu media tasting. Around 20 guest, all dressed for the occasion, got to taste paradise.

Las Brisas Restaurant is an upscale Mexican restaurant located in Laguna Beach, California, right next to Rockpile Beach, and not far from Main Beach. The place offers a splendid view of the ocean. Mexican food enthusiast or not, it’s a dream come true.

Paradise tasting starts before pushing the front door. Consider the view the pre-appetizer. Eat the landscape with your eyes, then take your camera to snap a memory of it.

View looking towards Rockpile Beach.

The view is only a pre-taste of paradise, comparable to how athletes warm up before a game. Now, you are ready to push the front door of the restaurant like a soccer player is ready to step on the field.

Once inside, you are warmly welcomed by one of the many excellent staff members. The staff is accommodating and helpful, yet conscientious of giving their customers space to enjoy their time.

There is the difficult choice of sitting inside or outside, but either choice guarantees a view of the ocean. So, sit down and order a drink. Welcome to paradise.

During the new patio menu media tasting, the guests were invited to start with appetizers. Getting appetizers before any entrées or main course is highly recommenced, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

The skillet nachos are a winner, and are destined to become the best nachos you ever had. But be careful. You might not be able to eat any other kind of nachos after these. Its combination of the black bean purée and cotija cheese (a hard cow’s milk cheese originating from Mexico) is genius. Be sure to order the guacamole to accompany the nachos, you will need it to finish the extra chips anyway. The guacamole, like the skilled nachos, contains pico de gallo, better known under the name of salsa fresca, and cotija cheese.

The Guacamole and Skillet Nachos.

Then, some tacos and the ‘classic ceviche,’ actually not so classic but exceptional, were brought to the tables. Taco Tuesday or not, ordering tacos at a Mexican restaurant is always a must. At Las Brisas, it is an obligation–they are too delicious! The tacos come in trios with four varieties: The Ahi Tuna, Short Rib, Roasted Portobello, and Chicken Tinga.

Taco Trios.

The grilled salmon seemed to be a favorite as it could be seen on almost every table, but the other choices of entrées were equally as amazing.

Guests were able to take pictures of the food to remember their experience in paradise. Las Brisas’ staff set up a table outside the restaurant overlooking the ocean. There could not have been a better place to take pictures. The guests helped each by blocking sunlight to get the best quality picture possible.

Two guests taking pictures.

There’s nothing to complain about when it comes to Las Brisas restaurant, with parking being the exception. Guests could encounter some difficulties when trying to find a parking spot as the location of the restaurant attracts a lot of visitors. Afternoons during the summer months are the rush hours in Laguna Beach, making parking seem sometimes impossible. Well, it’s part of the game in order to get a taste of paradise.

Classic Ceviche.


Overall, the event was a complete success. Guests enjoyed the amazing food and found themselves lost in the view that Las Brisas had to offer. The excellent reception only made their experience even better.

Guests also had the opportunity to meet personally with the amazing manager, Larry Fink. Fink accepted the demand of Laguna’s only FM radio, KX FM 104.7, to interview him and his new chef. You soon will be able to listen to them speaking of the amazing Las Brisas Restaurant. Until then, direct yourself to the restaurant as soon as you can, and go taste paradise!