“Life and his career catapulted into the stratosphere so it’s been amazing for him and, we sneak in these little moments to record. We still enjoy it and its always been that, it’s always been a thing for our enjoyment. So I think we’re just trying to manage it and see how we can make it work in our current circumstances” said the indie pop artist about recording after 6 years in a recent interview on KX FM 104.7 FM’s “Daily Scramble Live.”

In the interview, The Bird and The Bee artist Inara George goes into detail about what inspired their most recent album “Recreational Love” including, the experience of releasing this album after a 6-year hiatus. She also gives some personal insights describing her family’s relationship with music.

Catch The Bird and The Bee at The Federal Bar this Sunday, December 13th and listen to the full 15-minute interview here.