Experimental musician/performance artist Gary Wilson goes back to his roots on his latest release, “The King of Endicott.” Before becoming an underground lo-fi legend and amassing a cult following, Wilson was born and raised in The North Side of Endicott, New York. Looking back at his hometown now, a few decades down the line, Gary refers to Endicott as a “magical land” where he sits on the throne. The track is classic Wilson, from its setting in a park to his pleas to “hold your hand” on a “Friday Night.” It’s an immersive electro-funk world that Wilson has been reigning in since 1977’s classic You Think You Really Know Me, which Wilson recored in his parents’ basement in Endicott. With “The King of Endicott,” Wilson shows just how far he’s come while remaining true to his wacky self, pressing the boundaries of indie music and influencing artists in all genres.

Listen here.