“Why I Came to California,” is the latest release from Dent May, a cover of Motown legend Leon Ware’s original 1982 version. May brings a lively, playful spirit to the soulful tune, capturing the charm of California that brought him over in the first place. Born in Mississippi and now based in L.A., May has no trouble embracing the lyrics, which journey from the forests of Northern California all the way down to San Diego. From the sound of his voice, it’s clear May has a deep appreciate for the Golden State. He’s not the only one. Ware, who penned the lyrics along with Janis Siegel, found himself venturing out West from his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Almost four decades later, it’s easy to see why. “All the youth seekers come to California.” We’re glad it’s brought artists like Ware and May over, keeping the love for California alive through groovy tunes, new, old or reimagined.

Listen here.