Wilco, famous for songs like “Jesus, etc.”, “California Stars”, and “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”, has been trending recently for pulling a ‘Beyoncé’. With no warning, the band released 11 new and free songs. Music junkies need only subscribe to their newsletter to download the album entitled Star Wars. When frontman Jeff Tweedy gave his explanation for doing this, he simply said, “It felt like it would be fun.”

One could easily point out the interesting blend between Bob Dylan sensibilities and alternative rock, but it would make more sense to let others hear for themselves, as Wilco uploaded the entire album to YouTube, too.

Though it will only be free for a limited time (30 days), free releases by big-name artists are generally unheard of. While other bands are unable to radically modify their releases because of their label, Wilco made their own label called dBpm. On their Facebook page, they addressed their privilege and suggested albums to support other artists.