Slidebar Downtown Fullerton, CA

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend the first night of tour for LA bands Figs Vision and Forebear at The Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton, CA. I was very excited to go and support Forebear, as I’ve recently become a very large fan of the band! Though I had developed an interest in the band on my own time, I was delighted to learn, the day before the show nonetheless, that our station, KX FM 104.7, is adding Forebear’s song “Cusp” to our rotation, an on top of that, is hosting the band in-studio in March! All of this seems happily serendipitous, yet I’m willing to bet that it is all connected to the steady growth and gain in popularity that Forebear has going on right now. Check out their self-titled EP, and read on to hear my review of their show!

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To be quite honest, I was a bit nervous to go to this show, though I knew mostly what to expect. Shows held at bars or smaller venues always hold promise of being exciting while also lacking any

Generational Alternative Rock KX FM 104.7 FM
The End of Summer
Generational Alternative Rock KX FM 104.7 FM
Singer Braeden Henderson of The End of Summer

sort of pretension that larger shows sometimes have. Which is to say, almost as soon as I arrived at the venue, I found myself talking with members from all three of the bands performing, including the opening band The End of Summer, even as they set up their equipment.And with such a happy atmosphere set, it was easy to dance along to The End of Summer’s rock n roll infused, upbeat pop music.I honestly found myself regretting not knowing about this band earlier!

Generational Alternative Rock KX FM 104.7 FM
Molly Rogers on viola for Forebear
Generational Alternative Rock KX FM 104.7 FM
Forebear singer Scott Goldbaum

Next up was Forebear. Having only heard the band’s recorded music on SoundCloud, I wasn’t sure what to expect live. Forebear expertly mixes harmonizing vocals with a range of instruments from drums played passionately by Mike Musselman, to viola so amazingly captivating that it draws the whole song together, courtesy of Molly Rogers. Scott Goldbaum on vocals and guitar provided such emotional force behind the lyrics of his songs that I almost needed to take a moment to process everything, while Nick Chamian lent not only his bass as the backbone of the songs, but also gave those of us in the crowd energy and inspiration with his dancing and jumping around the stage. Not only was I enjoying hearing songs that I love live, but the band also treated the crowd to many new songs!

Generational Alternative Rock KX FM 104.7 FM
Figs Vision mid-song

Figs Vision closed out the night with their own brand of weird-rock, performing with their whole bodies, really feeling the music they were singing, in such a way that it was impossible not to enjoy their set! Their music ranged from 80s-influenced rock to current pop music, and all of it was performed with zeal!


All three bands go to Northern California next, but, being from Los Angeles, there are many dates in the future to catch a show with any of these three bands!

KX FM 104.7 FM, Laguna Beach’s Only FM

Don’t forget to listen for Forebear’s song “Cusp” on Laguna’s only FM station, and stay tuned for more details about when the band will be in Laguna!

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