Sentinel Beings Land on Laguna Beach…

DJ macusa MelodicTronic FMWe stand guard to protect our love of house music and the flawless DJ talents for long listening pleasure.

Sentinel Beings, arranged and mixed by DJ macusa, was carefully thought out so you will fall deeper and deeper into the mix.

“When I start a new set, I don’t just throw a bunch of tunes together and hope for the best. I usually have an idea and a concept.  I begin to build around it. Then go through the painstaking programming and development phase. Who was it—Thomas Edison?—who said creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration?” – DJ macusa 

All of DJ macusa music sets are exactly that! The arrangement of techno, classic house, progressive and every other sub genre of dance music provide an unmatched listening journey that defines one artists concept and genius, in this case…Sentinel Beings. Brilliantly crafted and tailored with a timeless intro preparing you for a deep oscillating bass driven mix. Within the mix, Nicole Moudaber works her magic remixing a mid 90’s classic “Give Me Luv” by Alcartaz, delivering a sustaining vocal that is still breathtaking to this day.

“I began at the acid house UK inception around 88/89. A decade later when I got to California, I was playing breaks, big beat and weird underground sounds from the likes of ninja and marine parade labels.” – DJ macusa

DJ macusa grew up in Scotland, lived in London and now resides in Los Angeles, CA, where the scratch for a proper/intimate DJ night is still a need for veteran house music DJs, as well as all passionate DJs who wish they could have experienced true warehouse parties, DJ nights, and underground events that were all about the music and not so much about explosions and fireworks.

“…a few years ago I thought the music got really good again, especially the minimal, nu disco, tech house stuff coming out of Berlin—and I found myself purchasing a lot more music. But now I was buying mp3 instead of vinyl.” – DJ macusa

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DJ macusa on MelodicTronic KX93.5 FM | February 21st, 2015

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