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Do you need intensive mental health treatment?

How and when can an intensive outpatient program be helpful?

On this week’s show, Dr. Kim Sage welcomes expert guest Dr. Lesley Tate-Gould, Executive Director of Lido Wellness Center, an intensive mental health partial hospitalization, and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), in Newport Beach, CA.

What is the difference between “normal therapy” and an intensive program?

What are the signs that more intensive mental health treatment might be helpful?

Listen to this week’s live show and podcast to learn more about intensive mental health treatment options and more!

Dr. Kim Sage, is a licensed clinical psychologist (#29089) in Newport Beach, helping kids and adults heal and thrive through mental mental challenges:  drkimsage.com

Dr. Lesley Tate-Gould and Lido Wellness Center:   lidowellnesscenter.com

Could your partner be cheating on you? 

On this week’s show, Dr. Kim Sage shares the 11 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating!

Do you know the rates of infidelity?

What is the biggest sign a partner may be cheating on you?

Listen to this week’s live show podcast if you think your partner or someone you care about may be cheating.

Please post @drkimsage on Instagram for any signs you think I missed!


On this week’s episode of The Dr. Kim Sage Show, we explore the importance of teaching social skills to kids and teens who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and everything you need to know about the importance of social skills in Autism.

Dr. Sage’s expert guest is psychologist and founder of the Social Growth Center in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Lucy Vo.

Lucy Vo, Ph.D., has over a decade of experience working with children and families impacted by Autism and developmental disabilities.

What are social skills in Autism and why do they matter?

What should you know about how to best interact with kids, teens and young adults who are on the Autism Spectrum?

Don’t miss this week’s interesting and important live show and podcast, if you want to know everything about social skills, and individuals impacted by Autism!!

Dr. Lucy Vo (PSY# 29458) can be contacted at https://socialgrowthcenter.com

Dr. Kim Sage (PSY# 29089) can be contacted at drkimsage@gmail.com or drkimsage.com   

On this week’s show, Dr. Kim Sage is joined by Hoag’s Maternal Mental Health Program Care Manager and LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) Angela Mains.

What are Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders?

What is the difference between the “baby blues,” and a mood or anxiety disorder?

What can you do if you are suffering?

Dr. Sage and Angela Mains explore maternal mental health issues, and Hoag’s groundbreaking program designed to help women in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum life.

To learn more about the clinic or be connected to support services, please call the Maternal Mental Health Support Line Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 949-764-5333 or visit the website at www.hoag.org/mmh

Dr. Kim Sage is a licensed psychologist (#29089) and has been a Certified Maternal Mental Health Provider since 2017, and can be contacted at (949) 899-5787 or drkimsage.com

Additional Resources and Support for Maternal Mental Health:

Maternal Mental Health Now:  maternalmentalhealthnow.org

Postpartum Support International:   postpartum.net

In the wake of recent social media shaming against Amy Schumer for doing a stand up set two weeks after giving birth, Dr. Kim Sage (Clinical Psychologist #29089), explores what “bad or toxic mothering,” really looks like, and how this type of mothering can be traumatic and deeply wounding.

Hint: Choosing to breastfeed or not, making your own baby food, or whether you work or not, has NOTHING to do with being a great mother.

What is Toxic Mothering?   Were you raised by a toxic mother?

If you struggle with shame, fears of vulnerability or a lack of trust in others, body or eating issues, anxiety and/or depression, or all of the above, (among other struggles), and you had a mom who made you feel you were never good enough, raged or blamed you, criticized or competed with you, or even humiliated you, disrespected your boundaries or name called you, it’s very likely you were raised by a toxic mother.

While your childhood may be over, the lingering effects of a toxic mother can leave deep, and difficult to heal wounds. 

You are worthy, and you are worthy of love and healing.  

Find out why it’s so important that you get help if you were raised by a toxic mother.

Dr. Kim Sage can be reached at (949) 899-5787 or drkimsage.com

Dr. Kim Sage, Clinical Psychologist, welcomes her guest, fellow Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Edward Margines, who explains the emerging trends and research around using psychedelics with psychotherapy, and why they might work together to help patients suffering with PTSD, and other mental health challenges.

What are psychedelics and how might they impact the treatment of mental health issues, such as PTSD or treatment-resistant depression?

Given the recent passing of legislation for the use of psilocybin in Denver, Colorado, as well as the often exploitative headlines around psychedelics use, Dr. Margines joins the show this week to break down these headlines, and explain why they are trending topics in psychology, and what they mean for the world of mental health treatment.

The serious risks and realities of using psychedelics are thoroughly discussed, and their uses are absolutely not encouraged, but rather the topic is explained and explored, as part of a greater dialogue around emerging mental health treatments.

Dr. Kim Sage (#29089) can be reached at (949) 899-5787 or drkimsage.com

Dr. Edward Margines (#29867) is located in Newport Beach, and can be contacted at (657) 245-4095 or marginesphd@gmail.com

Listen to this week’s live show and podcast on KX FM 104.7FM, as host Dr. Kim Sage, licensed psychologist, welcomes Trauma, Addiction and EMDR expert therapist Bert Shepley, as they explore and explain the relationship between Addiction and Trauma.

How do therapists decide what qualifies as addiction?

What roles do shame and trauma play in the origins of substance abuse and dependence issues?

What is EMDR therapy, and how can it help you or someone you love heal from addiction, trauma or both?

You don’t want to miss this fascinating interview to learn more about the emerging field of trauma, and how it can significantly impact all areas of our lives!

Dr. Kim Sage (#29089) can be contacted at (949) 899-5787 or drkimsage.com emdrnewportbeach.com.

Bert Shepley (LMFT #87943) can be contacted at (714) 642-3991 or bertshepleymft.com