The Dr. Kim Sage Show

“The Dr. Kim Sage Show” will explore our moods, minds and our real lives, hosted by Laguna Beach local and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kim Sage (CA #29089).

Topics will focus upon all things therapy-related, and upon sharing the real stories of our lives that we don’t often talk about with anyone else.

Love, sex, secrets, children, parenting, friendships, career, and life in general will all be on the table as Dr. Sage engages with real people and professionals to delve into how we live, love, hide, and define our lives.

Dr. Sage maintains a private practice in Newport Beach where she focuses on helping children and adults change and heal their lives.

Please feel free to email Dr. Sage with any of your therapy-related questions which may be answered on air at

***Please note that “The Dr. Kim Sage Show,” is intended to serve for informational purposes only, and any feedback, advice or opinions expressed by Dr. Sage or her guests do not represent a therapeutic relationship or the opinions of KX FM 104.7 FM.

If you are in need of psychological treatment, please consult a mental health care provider or contact 

Dr. Sage to schedule an appointment at her office (949) 899.5787/