The Dr. Kim Sage Show. What Is Toxic Mothering? Were You Raised By A Toxic Mother?

In the wake of recent social media shaming against Amy Schumer for doing a stand up set two weeks after giving birth, Dr. Kim Sage (Clinical Psychologist #29089), explores what “bad or toxic mothering,” really looks like, and how this type of mothering can be traumatic and deeply wounding.

Hint: Choosing to breastfeed or not, making your own baby food, or whether you work or not, has NOTHING to do with being a great mother.

What is Toxic Mothering?   Were you raised by a toxic mother?

If you struggle with shame, fears of vulnerability or a lack of trust in others, body or eating issues, anxiety and/or depression, or all of the above, (among other struggles), and you had a mom who made you feel you were never good enough, raged or blamed you, criticized or competed with you, or even humiliated you, disrespected your boundaries or name called you, it’s very likely you were raised by a toxic mother.

While your childhood may be over, the lingering effects of a toxic mother can leave deep, and difficult to heal wounds. 

You are worthy, and you are worthy of love and healing.  

Find out why it’s so important that you get help if you were raised by a toxic mother.

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