Ramin Pejan Cease Round Up Spraying Petition

Radio Neighboring Wednesday’s Ida Mae and Tommy J “neighbor” with South Laguna resident Ramin Pejan who is collecting signatures from locals to petition the City of Laguna Beach to stop spraying the poison, glyphosate on the hills and trails around the neighborhood. Their purpose is to clear fire fuel growth due to record rains last season. The father of young children, Ramin, an environmental lawyer, is concerned for his family and the environment due to the spraying of a known carcinogen in the area. Mr Pejan notes that the chemical is banned in most cities here and globally and he offers the non-toxic solution of hand trimming. He remarks that a ranch in Trabuco was able to clear invasive artichoke thistle without poison by hand clearing. For information: ramin.pejan@gmail.com

Note: Laguna Canyon Foundation, who supports the us of Round-Up, was contacted for comment for this interview. They said they do not wish to comment at this time.