AM Radio

Americana music.  Let’s just call it American roots music, combining country, blues, bluegrass, folk, R&B and rock.  So, most anything – but I usually like a bit of twang to my music.

“Americana” was originally a marketing term for a broad spectrum of musical styles that didn’t fit into the mainstream radio genres; debate still rages as to what kind of music it actually describes. Join me every Sunday afternoon from 3-5 pm, and explore with me this ever-inclusive “genre” – so much good music to play, so little time!

I’m your host John Ford (28yr resident of Laguna), and this is AM Radio, where the “AM” stands for Americana Music. You can find me here, or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – just search for “amradiolb”.

Tune into “AM Radio” on “KX FM”!