Flashback Thursdays with New Wave DJ Dave

New Wave Flashback Thursdays featuring New Wave music, generally from the time period of 1977-1988. Each show features some kind of theme (genres, areas of the world, special celebrations) and you’ll hear representative music of these themes. An ongoing mini-show is featured in the second hour of the show (called New Wave 101), featuring music of a particular year.

About the Host

New Wave DJ Dave is a long-time mobile Disc Jockey and Emcee who has a tremendous fondness for the New Wave era. He currently teaches Drama to children with special needs, grades 2nd-8th. Dave has a long history of work in the Fine Arts, Education, Recreation, and Non-Profit Organizations and has served as President of numerous groups. In his free time, he enjoys performing in musical theater, traveling, reading comic books and eating great food.