OM At Home

“OM at Home, Meditation for Ordinary People”, is the latest creation by meditation teacher and coach, Lori Kahn, who owns & operates OM Laguna Beach, a meditation studio in the heart of downtown!

The way I teach is really meditation for “ordinary” people (like me) who need guidance and tools to manage the stresses of life and ride the rest with a bit more grace and style!  The techniques come from a wide range of sources as I have never been one to follow one path, but believe that everyone should have access to as many tools as they can so when life throws something at you, you have a lot of resources to deal with it!!

It all starts with the basics of meditation, learning to focus and direct our attention to simple things (like the breath and the senses), and what to do when we can’t! “OM at Home” is an opportunity to give ourselves the permission to stop for 30 minutes and do nothing, just listen and breathe and practice what it feels like to relax and let go, a natural sense of peace of just being in the moment starts to grow and becomes something we want to spend more time doing!

So here’s hoping you enjoy a half hour guided meditation from the comfort of your bed, or breakfast table, or even in your car (just don’t close your eyes if you’re driving).  You don’t even have to get dressed or sit in lotus position, just tune in and find the peace that’s waiting for you!