Reggae Runnings

Reggae Runnings brings Laguna Beach a journey into the history of reggae music straight from Jamrock. The focus will be artists from Jamaica and the surrounding Carribean islands.  Your host, Keef, will share his passion for reggae every Tuesday night from 7-8pm.

Keef’s passion for reggae started at 11 years old when he found a reggae album of his mom’s that she had from her days growing up around London.  Keef’s journey into reggae music has taken him around the world as he traveled to see some of the legendary artists that made reggae what it is today. He would sneak out to the Dancehalls in Brixton to witness the sound system culture and eventually got his own turntables and started to mimic what he saw in the clubs.

Tune in and feel the spiritual vibes of real reggae music.

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