The Sharin’ Hour

Hi.  I’m Sheran James, resident Brit, so don’t hold it against me if I sound funny.  The Sharin’ Hour (a pun on my name) is my attempt to “share” everything and everyone of interest I know in the hope they’ll be of equal interest to you.  Stuff I look for is: what makes us all tick?  Why do we choose the particular lives and careers we do?  I like people’s backstories and to that end, I interview the most fascinating people I can find and/or dig out archival material where they’ve publicly expressed themselves.  Or, I’ll pick some psychological topic to riff on and score it with relevant songs.  A mishmash then, the Sharin’ Hour, different every week, but always more than the sum of me and always aiming to leave us both with things to mull over.  Tune in to KX FM 104.7 in Laguna Beach every Monday night at 9.00 p.m. or catch me via podcast on at any time.

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