The 80s Hour

“This is “The Best Decade of Music Ever Produced” says the host of The 80s’ Hour on KX FM, and he’s not wrong.

Hosted by me, Austin Trask, The 80’s Hour will bring you the fun, the deep, the unique, the popular, and the obscure tunes from the iconic decade. I spent my high school and University years in the 80s and I love the music, it definitely had a hand in creating who I am today. New Wave, post-disco, new soul, synth-rock, post-punk the 80s was a decade of inventive creation in sound like no other. I’ll also on occasion do themed show, like the Women Who Rocked The 80s, 80s’ movie Soundtrack Songs, Guilty Pleasures, One-Hit-Wonders, and more.
Join me every week for an hour of fun filled music that will take you back as well as listen for new-to-you 80s tunes, songs and bands from Canada, Europe, and the world, that didn’t make over here to America but should have.