Generational Alt Rock w/ Sandy Fagin

Sandy (Sandman) Fagin, brings 40+ years experience in radio to KX FM 104.7, happy to be with one of the handful of stations that introduces the latest alternative and indie music to its listeners.

Over the years, Sandy has had the pleasure to debut many of the new wave, grunge, punk, funk, pop, and rock artists that morphed into what is today considered Alternative Rock. In 1977, Sandy was selected as a regional winner for “best on-air personality of the year” by Billboard magazine International Radio Programming Forum.

After hosting Classic Alternative on KX FM 104.7 every Sunday, Sandy is thrilled to be hosting the daily midday show. He loves mixing today’s newest releases with great cuts from his vast collection, which he is slowly adding to the KX FM 104.7 library.

Long live rock n’ roll.