John Troy’s Crunchy Groove Sack

What is American music? The answer is as various and motley as America’s history and culture. As a (still) performing musician with over forty years’ experience in the musical trenches as a sideman to the stars, ensemble player, and solo artist, I am in the happy position to offer esoteric insight and perspective on the songs we will enjoy together. We will learn how songs have been interpreted and re-interpreted through the years. We will cull songs from genres across the musical spectrum and we will discover artists who, though little known or forgotten, cast a long shadow down to the present day. We will realize how all these different styles are connected. And, finally, we will be reminded that songs, like people, stand on the shoulders of what came before.

Are you interested in music? Well, so am I. Listen!


John Troy is in partnership with Taylor Guitars, Warwick Basses and Trickfish Amplification.

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