DEPARTURE Podcast Preview: February 8, 2014

The most recent DEPARTURE featured such a stellar array of new, familiar & forthcoming music, I just had to share a portion of it with everyone before a small backlog of DEPARTURE podcasts will begin posting over the course of the next week, bringing us up to speed.

In this hour-long beginning stretch of the show I feature KX FM 104.7 exclusives from The Knocks feat. Sneaky Sound System, Years & Years, and Gentleman Hall.

Guest Announced In-Episode: BRANDED JAMES visits the KX FM 104.7 studio on March 1 for a live DJ set on DEPARTURE.

Full playlist will be available with the full February 8 podcast, expected Feb. 16-17.

Look for DEPARTURE podcasts every 2-3 days until Templeton, my 1st guest of 2014, arrives on Feb. 22 for a live DJ Mix.